• About Neil

    Find out a little more about Neil here. (And yes, Mullarkey is his real name).

  • Comedy Store Players

    30 years old and counting… (The Comedy Store Players that is, not Neil).

  • L. Vaughan Spencer

    One of Neil’s most loved characters, the ponytail weaing, goatee donning L. Vaughan Spencer (known as L-Vo, in a J-Lo kinda way); is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to self help gurus, lifestyle coaches and motivational speakers.

  • Don’t Be Needy, Be Succeedy : Book

    In the best-selling book “Don’t Be Needy Be Succeedy -The A to Zee of Motivitality”, The President of the Republic of Success explains the Alphabet Diet, how to rethink your Buzzness card, how business can become Buzzness and how to embrace the New Virility – whether you’re a man or a lady….

  • Corporate

    Through developing and delivering bespoke workshops, conference keynotes, communications strategies and mentoring programmes, Neil helps organisations across the global communicate with impact, influence and confidence.

  • Past Shows

    With a career that includes past shows alongside the likes of Mike Myers, Eddie Izzard, Tony Hawks, Dawn French and Nick Hancock, Neil has worked with some of the very best comedians of the last three decades.

  • Voiceovers

    Versatile and energetic, Neil has built a unique reputation in the world of voiceovers.