L. Vaughan Spencer

One of Neil’s most loved characters, the ponytail-wearing, goatee-donning L. Vaughan Spencer (known as L-Vo, in a J-Lo kinda way) is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to self help gurus, lifestyle coaches and motivational speakers.

First appearing in the show ‘Men are from Mars, Neil is from Surrey’, the Gangsta Motivator L-Vo has never looked back – embarking on a whirlwind ride that has seen him win the Fringe Report Award for Best Satire at the Edinburgh Festival, tour the UK and Ireland, publish a book and grace the stage in his rust-coloured suit at conferences, dinners, training sessions and team building workshops across the Northern hemisphere.

In the process Neil has invented a comedy creation to rival the likes of The Pub Landlord and Alan Partridge.

His book “Don’t Be Needy Be Succeedy -The A to Zee of Motivitality” has been published in the UK, USA, Australia, India and on Kindle, and L-Vo was even recently spotted offering Fast Therapy on the ‘bumper-break’ (sponsor idents) for Nicorette on Dave, the UKTV channel.

L-Vo has also appeared on BBC Radio 4′s Loose Ends, BBC Radio’s Broadcasting House, LBC 97.3, BBC Radio Five Live (on April Fool’s Day, purporting to be Gordon Brown and Sir Alex Ferguson’s life coach) as well as the Fi Glover show – which resulted in immediate protest calls and an on-air apology for L-Vo’s misrepresentation of Native Red Indian mythology. He was a guest on the Melinda Messenger show on Living TV, appeared on BBC3′s 28 Acts in 28 Minutes, and was the in-house agony uncle for the BBC website during series two of The Office.

For more info visit the official L. Vaughan Spencer website and also L-Vo’s corporate website.

“A superb pastiche – Borat meets The Office.” The Sunday Times

“Neil Mullarkey is one of the most respected, gifted performers on the circuit. His character, L. Vaughan Spencer, has considerable mileage; full of quasi-fascistic psychobabble, he delivers some brilliantly breathless raps. Spencer does for motivational tree-hugging what Al Murray’s Pub Landlord does for tin-pot barmen, twisting language until the laughs cascade. If Spencer is at one with his hair, Mullarkey is certainly at one with his craft. Eerily life-enhancing comedy.” London Evening Standard

“My favourite live business spoof of the year. L Vaughan Spencer is the perfectantidote to the endless bogus management consultants and coaches who ply the corporate circuit.” The Sunday Telegraph