Don’t Be Needy, Be Succeedy: Book

This book is a hilarious satire on management and personal development with advice on Business Bling, Me-dership, the Alphabet Diet, how to Give Good Meeting and much else besides.

No longer will you be a Success-o-Phobe! 2004 Business Speaker of the Year for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, L-Vo also came 12th in the Northern Hemisphere Motivator of the Year (Under-40 Middleweight Section). Yet not long ago he had just 19 pence to his name.

As he says, “somehow only when you’re in the gutter can you really see where the pavement ends.” He turned his life around. So can you.

In Don’t Be Needy Be Succeedy -The A to Zee of Motivitality©,The President of the Republic of Success explains the Alphabet Diet, how to rethink your Buzzness card, how business can become Buzzness and how to embrace the New Virility – whether you’re a man or a lady…

Have you ever been exhorted to live the brand? Or sent to Dartmoor to bungee jump with your Head of IT – all in the cause of team-building? Or made to parade with your workmates around a Holiday Inn car park singing “We Are The Champions”?

Don’t Be Needy Be Succeedy -The A to Zee of Motivitality© is the ultra-observant how-not-to guide, on everything from Rapture Capture (mission statements made hip-hop) to Me-dership and 720-degree feedback. It won’t protect you from your boss’s urge to make you firewalk or send you to art therapy but laughter is guaranteed. So buy him or her a copy…

“I’m a Succeeder in a long line of Succeeders.. Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Tim Henman and Phil Collins – all undoubtedly used my methods.” L. Vaughan Spencer, Self-Help Guru and Gangsta Motivator


“HILARIOUS! Well done sir. Laughed out loud from start to finish. So much great material. Silly and smart and so Mullarkvian. Bravo…” Mike Myers

Neil Mullarkey is very, very, very, very funny. Eddie Izzard

This book made me laugh lots. Now I understand so much more about commerce and skincare. Nick Hancock

Very enjoyable book. Every line of this book is a slogan for Life – you need never have an original thought again. This is a life coach – with leg-room, reclining seats and frequent toilet breaks. L-Vo has the makings of a complete cult. Robert Bathurst

This book changed my life. I thought I was but an humble pub landlord, but now I realise I am an Hospitality Management Executive. Al Murray (The Pub Landlord)

Brilliant work. Very funny indeed – reminded me why I like L-Vo so much. Delicious relief from these grim times. Luke Johnson (Former Chairman Channel 4 & Borders)

Very funny and surprisingly useful. It helped me learn about business. Tony Hawks

Your book is funny. Thank you for it. And thank you for you. David Schneider