Since 2001 I have been playing L. Vaughan Spencer, the Gangsta Motivator. His show is called “Don’t Be Needy, Be Succeedy”. Profile Books published a book of that name too. He’s a pastiche. But I’ve said I won’t do the full show after the performance on 17th November at the London Comedy Store. It has sold out. So now I am running a Kickstarter campaignto raise funds to film it and distribute DVDs (and their online equivalent). Plenty of individuals have pledged and we’re hoping that some organizations will too – in return for a bespoke Succeedy video or even a personal appearance at their offices from my absurd alter ego.

I’ve had enormous fun playing this satirical character. He may well appear in video form or performing cabaret sets in the future. However my work now has become more sincere. It’s “management training/leadership development” , yes, but pushing towards something more profound.

On 18th November, the day after the show (as it happens) I will be talking, not as a spoof, but as me at a conference in Brighton called Meaning. I agreed to it because I will have to push myself beyond anything I have done before.


Many thanks

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